10 Street Foods That Must Be Tried In Bangladesh

 10 Street Foods That Must Be Tried In Bangladesh

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I am sure if you have been to Bangladesh, you have had some of these mouth-watering street foods on your plate. They are delicious and full of flavors that will leave you craving for more! If you haven’t been to Bangladesh yet, make sure to check out these 10 amazing street foods that you must try when you’re there.


The top 5 street foods in Bangladesh you need to try

5. Chanar Jilapi (Spicy Ice Cream) 4. Roti Ball (Meat Pie) 3. Fuchka (Corn Snack) 2. Golgappa / Panipuri (Vermicelli Snack with Tamarind and Mint Water) 1.


#10 – Shingara

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Shingara, which means fried dough, is one of our favorite street foods. It comes in a variety of textures and flavors that you’ll have to try to believe. If you think pretzels are good, get ready for the swingarm. You can find it with tamarind or spicy sauces as well and it has no doubt made its way into your top 10 Bangladesh street food list!


#9 – Puchka

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This savory snack is a must-try for any street food lover in Bangladesh. It’s especially popular among college students and bachelors who look for an easy, quick bite that doesn’t require utensils or seating. (A puchka consists of a ball of crispy deep-fried wheat flour dough with a spicy potato filling.) One puchka usually sells for about 20 cents and can be found in most bazaars around Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and Khulna. For extra flavor, ask to have it topped with a dash of lime juice or tamarind sauce.


#8 – Naan Bhaat

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Street food at its finest, Biryani is a meal that’s worth waiting hours for! Also known as naan, biryani uses rice and spices as its base; then, anything from vegetables to meats is added on top. Served with spicy yogurt and daal (lentils), there’s no better way to kick-start your day in Bangladesh. As someone who’s tried my fair share of biryani in Dhaka (Bangladesh’s capital city), I can confidently say it’s one of life’s pleasures that should be experienced! Naan Bhaat is located on Agrabad road in Chittagong.


#7 – Chokka

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This delicious Bengali street food is a popular delicacy in India. It’s a sweet, deep-fried, crispy snack made of puffed rice that’s stuffed with milk solids and then dipped in sugar syrup. Yum! Where to get it: Rashid Minar, Dhaka #8 – Masala Vada Pav: Most visitors think that pav bhaji is Mumbai’s most popular street food. However, if you want to sample Mumbai’s best street food… head to Chowpatty Beach for an amazing masala vada pav instead! It’s just a spiced potato ball on a soft bun but it will change your life forever.


#6 – Dhaka Sandwich

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Dhaka sandwiches are one of Dhaka’s most popular street foods, and they make a perfect meal. Typically served with chicken or beef, these snacks are often spiced. Onions are optional but highly recommended—they add to their authentic taste. The bread is very similar to the bread used for French or Italian sandwiches in that it is thin and crunchy; however, it is softer than other types of sandwich pieces of bread. You can have your Dhaka sandwich toasted if you prefer by asking your vendor before they serve it to you. If you want a traditional Bangladeshi experience and want to try something from every type of cuisine available in Bangladesh (which would be almost impossible), try a spicy beef filling in an original Dhaka sandwich!


#5 – Boiled Rice with Alu Chashni

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This is a snack that must be eaten with boiled rice. It is commonly found in Bangladeshi restaurants, particularly those selling biryani. Cash refers to some sort of sauce and alu means potato. So, we are left with fried potatoes mixed with some sort of sauce. This street food is available everywhere across our country, but if you have never tried it, then you should do so now as these delicious items are hard to find in other parts of Asia or even around South East Asia itself. It is a portion of often-found street food in our capital city Dhaka and also in Sylhet where there are plenty of Biryani shops set up by people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh who have migrated to Sylhet over time and brought their recipes along with them.


#4 – Chaat, like Dahi Puri

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Chaat is a savory snack that consists of small pieces of vegetables, fruit, puffed rice, and wheat flour crisps served in a thick, tangy, sweetened sauce. The texture and consistency of the chaat are similar to a slushy which gives it an extremely unique eating experience. Depending on where you are in Bangladesh or India, different types of chaats exist and each has its blend of spices with some common ones being black salt (Kala namak), red chili powder (Lal Mirch), coriander powder (dhania), etc. Most chaats can be bought from street food vendors or roadside stands although they can also be bought from Indian restaurants.


#3 – Shami Kabab

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The Muri Connection – Jhal means hot and muri refer to noodles. It’s a mouth-watering food item. The basic ingredients of jhal muri include rice flour, tamarind juice, potatoes, eggs, salt, and spices. If you want to enjoy it in Dhaka, visit Bogra Bazar or Shohagh. Because of its delicious taste and reasonable price tag, jhal muri has become popular among both locals and tourists in recent years. #3 – Fulbariya: Fulbariya is a savory dish made from the bamboo shoot with rice flakes as its basic ingredient. The ingredients are cut into small pieces and cooked with different seasonings.


#2 – Jhal Muri

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Most tourists visiting Dhaka are more than familiar with Jhal Muri and its various forms. Whether you’re in a rickshaw and see an old woman cooking up some fresh ones on her burner, or at a restaurant and hear Jhal Muri, Jhal Muri! being called out by local vendors, it doesn’t take long for anyone to become captivated by one of Bangladesh’s tastiest street foods. The snack is characterized by its simple ingredients (puffed rice and spicy chili sauce) but has a mouth-watering taste that makes it highly addictive to many locals as well as tourists.

10 Street Foods That Must Be Tried In Bangladesh


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